About us

The Treck America Company was founded in 1992. The initial task was a logistics service that delivers sports equipment to fitness clubs and individuals in the continental US.

Thanks to our hard work, interest in sports technology, sports medicine and medical rehabilitation for more than 25 years, today we work with leading factories directly. Such as Woodway USA, Zephyr PSM by Medtronic, Aretech LLC, Spine Care Technologies, Gears Sports, APDM Inc, Delsys Inc, ColdTub Inc, Hausmann Industries Inc, Dynatronics and every day we expand our borders.

With the Team of qualified engineers and professionals, we are not only selling and delivering our products, but also providing a wide range of services such as complete assembly, installation and repair of equipment.

Our specialists will even help any size companies to relocate their sophisticated equipment and put it back together to minimize downtime.

Our current mission is to introduce the best Sports Training, Sports Science and Medical Rehabilitation Equipment manufacturers to the North American Markets.