Custom Built Treadmills

26 февраля


The dimensions may vary: length and width per customer’s state of requirements with specific operator/user consoles and stand-alone monitors for different applications and options. On our X-Large treadmills, there are 2-to-3 users can be exercising simultaneously (under professional supervision and trained stuff only – safety requirements).

We build our oversized, custom heavy-duty treadmills not only for professional teams and professional athletes but for regular customers who love to exercise regularly to be fit and healthy in their favorite sports.

For example, our one of a kind Roller Skating Treadmill specifically designed for speed skaters and inline skaters to improve their skating skills and endurance, even 1 or 2 roller hockey players can dribble training biscuit and improve puck passing while skating.

Our Bicycle Treadmills can hold from 1-to-3 bicyclists at the same time if needed to train the team. Speed and Incline features can be adjusted by coach and by the users as well.

On our Cross Country Ski Treadmills, the individuals may use Skating or Cross Country skiing style techniques per their individual needs.  

Our Team had created a very unique software for Soccer players who utilize our engineering idea with real exercise images on the Soccer Treadmills.

Here are some unique features and options of our treadmills:

* ControlPanels - Treadmill control from Touchscreen 15 or 22~ 24 inches

* Control the treadmill from both a stationary head unit and from a portable tablet remotely (communication with the head unit via Bluetooth). Radius of action - 20-25 meters (up to 75 feet).

* VideoWall in front of the treadmill. The head unit can launch videos on the VideoWall(sizes may vary per treadmill dimensions) with information about the current training indicators (training time, distance traveled, speed, incline angle, 1 mi travel time, heart rate (with a sensor connected), calories burned, metabolic equivalent load)

* BioModule BLTE - Ability to connect sensors for monitoring the health parameters of the user(s) by BioModule BLTE from Zephyr/Medtronic. Allows you to read heart rate, body temperature, body position (standing, sitting, lying), respiratory rate, volume of inhaled air, etc.). Data from sensors can be displayed on the screen of the head unit, VideoWall screen and the screen of a portable tablet for remote control of the treadmill

* VirtualRuns - Ability to use both VideoWall with video templates with programmed speed and angle of elevation of the track (depending on the real picture on the VideoWall screen), and create your own training programs on the tracks (setting the speed and angle of inclination of the track depending on the training time)

* RemoteControl - Ability to control track from iPhone and apple watch

* Customize - Fine tuning and calibration of the treadmill from the head unit

* I-Sharing - Automatic logging of workouts to a local database.

* I-CloudData - Compilation of statistics and analysis of training from the head unit and sending a file by e-mail and / or saving to a cloud storage (E-Disk, Dropbox, etc)

* STSA -Sports Training Software Apps(STSA) for different Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country Ski, Speed Skating, etc. Special projection on the canvas of a running track (working surface) with training exercises for various sports, the Coach will have full control to operate the treadmill and STSA via I-Pad or Portable Tablet.


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