Sport Testing

27 января

Our combination of on and off-ice tests are designed to provide athletes, coaches and parents with accurate sport-specific results that will reveal athlete strengths and weaknesses in a tangible and actionable way.

Off-Ice Testing

1. Height & Weight
2. Hand Grip Strength Right & Left
3. Seated Medicine Ball Chest Toss
4. Vertical Jump
5. Standing Broad Jump
6. Pro Agility

On-Ice Testing

Player Testing

1. 30m Sprint
2. Reaction
3. Weave Agility
4. Transition

Goalie Testing

1. Short Recovery
2. Long Recovery
3. Y Drill Reaction Pad Slide
4. Pro Agility Pad Slide

Reporting Solution

Sport Testing’s advantage of real-time results processing enables us to provide you with a live, eye catching visual display, known as Scoreboard. Scoreboard gives coaches to instant feedback on an athlete’s testing performance throughout the combine. In addition, Scoreboard adds excitement for spectators and creates advertising opportunities for the combine sponsors. In a sense it completes the combine experience.

Coaches Report
After the combine you will receive a “Coaches Report” containing every testing result from the athlete’s tested. This report will inform you of an individual’s results, and rank the best athlete by position or across all positions.

Players Report
For each athlete tested a “Players Report” is generated. Here, their personal information and results can be viewed, statistics uploaded, photos imbedded and highlight reels linked.
For athlete’s to be able to take full advantage of the “Players Report” Sport Testing must be provided with each athlete’s personal email.

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